A day on Safari

Today starts like most days. With coffee…


And it gets better from there, the sounds of the night give a clear indication of what direction we will drive out of camp in the morning. It could be a roar from a pride of lions a cough from a leopard or the almost maniacal laughing from a clan of hyena.

Breakfast is an indulgent affair. Full English breakfast and eggs Benedict are the norm, or a lighter fruit salad with thick greek yoghurt and crunchy muesli. The food on safari is of an international standard and washed and prepared with all the care you would find in a Michelin starred restaurant in London and more.

Lunch and siesta in camp can often be the favourite time of day with your chance to fill in your diary or watercolor paint the scene of the saddle billed stork flying over a pod of hippos in the waterhole below you or personally I love to lie in a hammock watching the elephants out of one half opened eye as they run excitedly down to drink and the mothers chastise the young for muddying the waters.


 4 in the afternoon mean cooler temperatures and teatime. It is a high tea type affair with baked treats, like sticky chocolate brownies, caramel fudge cakes and crisp iced cupcakes washed down with home made lemonade and iced tea.

 Game driving to spend the afternoon with the lions we spotted this morning,  slide along the water of the Okavango – the largest body of drinkable water on earth – in  a dugout Mokoro Canoe, horse ride across the Makgadikgadi salt pans, fish for the fierce tiger fish, walk with the experts of the Kalahari – the Ju/hoasi bushmen or spend an afternoon with a habituated group of meerkats. These are all possibilities but whatever activity we choose it always ends in a sundowner.

Back to camp for a dinner and then today ends like most days. With a bath…

To enquire about a safari please email John on john@barclaystenner.com or James on james@barclaystenner.com