Most travelers opt for a permanent camp, lovely but not what we like to call a real safari, we very fondly call these types of safari a ‘SPAfari’. Private canvas safaris are mobile, more reminiscent of the overland expeditions led by John’s great great grandfather to escort princess Eugenie to see her son’s grave after the Zulu wars. Private canvas safaris are designed to make the most of seasonal conditions and wildlife moments, not being geographically restricted to one area or camp concession. Just last year we had a safari booked for November in the Savute Game Reserve, we had late rains last year which meant it would not been as productive as we liked and we were able to move camp before the safari to the Khwai River where we had an amazing experience with Wild Dogs hunting through our camp, a Lion bringing down a Red Lechwe literally meters in front of the vehicle. Had we been limited into a permanent camp, things would have been entirely different.

Lunch at an elephant crossing spot

Lunch at an elephant crossing spot

Set up for you on arrival by your personal safari team, stay in custom designed Meru tents furnished with flushing loos, bucket showers, Egyptian cotton sheets, four poster beds, feather duvets, Persian carpets, brass copper jugs, bone handled silver cutlery and the most beautiful shaving mirrors in the bush, this is a private safari in style. 


Safari Botswana Okavango Safaris

Wake up to a delightful English breakfast and watch the magic of elephants almost silently come down to drink at a twinkling waterhole in the morning light, smell the light aromas of sage the gentle giants have crushed beneath foot, and then a mad dash to wolf down your breakfast as James’ magic hearing picks up the roar of the lions and we’re off on safari. 

Our luxurious mobile-tented camps are situated at exclusive sites, placing you in the heart of nature in the greatest comfort. Safety, security and serenity are our core values...

This is a privately guided and hosted 100% tailor made exclusive safari. Your own private camp, guide, host, chef and camp team. This is a great way to experience the bush with your family or close friends where you can dictate the pace of the safari. Should you choose to sit with the pride of lions we have found in the morning all day, that's up to you and your family. 

Our state of the art camp and game viewers are equipped with fully stocked fridges, a library and the latest in eco friendly solar power systems. We follow the game and moving camp without you even noticing is our signature.

Safari Botswana Okavango Safari

Our mission is to engage our clients in the magic and traditions of being on safari; the adventures, the wildlife, story telling around a fire and lying deep in the shade of private canvas observing animals in their natural environment.

We aim to provide a unique African wilderness experience with a blend of luxurious comfort.