Bushmen walking safaris in the Western Kalahari with the Ju!hoasi take you back in time with an educational and spiritual experience in a sensitive and non-patronising manor. Our special relationship with the Bushmen ensure a genuine and memorable experience in the surrounds of the oldest known human settlement on Earth, Xai Xai. 

When times are tough, Bushmen leave an area in search of higher food productive areas. Usually there will be a group of bushmen already living here. There is no hostility, just peace as the visitors are welcomed to this new area. What little food there is available is shared and incredibly the peace continues. The visiting men will contribute towards the hunt for meat and the women will go gather foods together. In much the same way, you, as a guest are welcomed in and expected to take part in this amazing way of life. 

On some days we may go gathering nuts with the women and on others hunting with the men. 

We set up the mobile safari camp nearby the Ju!hoasi Bushmen camp and here we will sleep and take all our meals.