Our current conservation mission is in aid of the dire situation with Rhino populations succumbing to the catastrophic levels of Rhino poaching prevalent in South Africa and the African continent at large.

The Rhino poaching situation has spiraled out of control and right now there is a war going on with South Africa having deployed military force on poachers.  Rhino poaching has increased by nearly 1400% since 2008 in South Africa, where 82% of the Worlds free-ranging Rhino currently reside. 

Weight for weight Rhino horn is 4 times the value of gold and at the current extraordinary rate of poaching, a Rhino is killed, or more disturbingly sometimes left to die for its horn every 7 hours on average. At this rate Rhinos will be extinct by 2021! 

Botswana takes poaching very seriously with the Botswana Defence Force leading a shoot to kill policy on poachers, hence it being unfortunately necessary to translocate Rhinos to Botswana as a means of defence against the current poaching atrocities. Rhinos have a greater chance of survival in Botswana.

Please visit the website for further information and to make a donation : www.trevolta.com/rhinos