AFRICAN adventure blended with luxurious comforT


Owner run and operated, why does this matter?

We, the owners, accompany you on each and every Barclay Stenner mobile safari in Botswana. From the time your plane lands at the bush strip we are present, having made sure the strip is clear of elephant and impala we then drive you to camp. We are there to ensure the entire safari runs smoothly. We have a reputation to uphold and we are there to make sure you have the best possible time. Sometimes this will require making a decision on the ground.



Wildlife will move!

Zebra, elephant and wildebeest are examples of large migratory animals that will move due to rainfall. This will impact the safaris’ outcome and influences our decision on where to conduct each and every safari.

So the camp must follow!

Using our tailor-made tented mobile safaris we are able to drive across the length and breadth of Botswana and set up camp in the best possible locations for that time of year. We are mobile whilst retaining a high level of comfort.

I had more fun and adventure on safari with John & James than I have had in Botswana for many years...
— Michael Lorentz, CEO, Passage to Africa

How comfortable will I be?

We are a company born of English traditions and comforts, blended with rich African experience and knowledge passed down from generations past. Family silverware, Persian carpets and fine dining under the stars will make sure you do not miss home’s creature comforts.

The best part?

Taylor Swift has done it. Safari in style in the most spectacular wilderness areas on the planet with your own private camp, guide, host, chefs, staff and everything you need to make your Safari the journey of a lifetime.

All photography provided by James Stenner and John Barclay


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